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A little bit about me...


My name is Zoi. Wife of an amazing and selfless husband. Mom of two handsome and loving little boys. Teacher of eight years to early childhood through elementary aged students. Avid reader. Daydreamer. Artist. Shower singer. Those are just some things to describe me at first glance.  Now, here is my journey to creating this shop.

As I got older, I realized that so much of what I used daily is not that healthy for my family and I. I started to read labels. I started to question labels and why certain ingredients are in there. Now I do my homework before buying household cleaners, laundry detergents, sunscreens, you name it. I even make my own countertop cleaner using vinegar, water and citrus peels. I guess you can call me "crunchy." I'm not super crunchy, though. I suppose I'm crunchy "light." I have made, along with my amazing and supportive husband, Danny, some serious changes to our household. This is what led me to start making my own lip balms, salves, rollers and tinctures (my new fascination is the all powerful healing herbs - coming soon!).  Rollers are so great because, when using essential oils, you can lift your spirits and they can also double as a perfume.  I've gotten compliments and have been asked what perfume I'm wearing. #win

I take pride in creating items for this shop.  I make everything myself and I'm constantly trying to experiment with blends that heal our most precious temple - our body. Thank you for visiting. I hope you find something you like!

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