You can pronounce everything in this baby powder and feel comfortable there are no harmful ingredients for your baby. Everything in this baby powder is natural and herb based.


Take a look at what is inside:


100% Natural bentonite clay: This is has many uses. It is used in this formula because it absorbs moister and pulls toxins from the skin. 


Premium quality arrowroot powder: This absorbs oils and promotes natural healing when blended on skin's surface. 


Organic lavender powder, organic chamomile powder and organic calendula powder: This blend is very soothing and calming for baby bottoms and promotes healing.It is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps smooth irritated skin.


*If you suspect that rash is a yeast infection, refrain from using this powder as it contains arrowroot powder which can feed yeast. Instead, use the Baby Bottom Salve.


Baby Bottom Powder