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In this spiritual and meaningful gift set, you will find a small handmade dreamcatcher made by a friend and fellow woman in business, and seven rough crystals.

There is only one of each, so look through the options and see which one calls to you.

Check out the meaning of these crystals:

Rose Quartz: The stone of love. It is the magnifier of the heart and used to settle matters of the heart. 

Sodalite: Stone of idealism and truth. Its energy will stimulate one to live up to their ideals. Helps develop one's inution. 

Aventurine: Attracts luck, wealth and prosperity. It is a stone that encourages personal growth. 

Fluorite: This is a stone of mental order and clarity. This brings a wiser, more balanced view of life and improves decision making. 

Tigers Eye: This is a stone of protection.  It brings good luck and prosperity. 

Red Jasper: This stone gives you the courage to speak out and have personal independence. It is inspires a positive attitude, giving you the motivation to chase your dreams. 

Unakite: Supports the physical body by purging toxicity from old emotional wounds and attachments. Good for being in the present moment. 

What's included (as shown):

-Heart box

-Triangle dreamcatcher

-7 rough crystals

In My Dreams Gift Set