All Over Rose Oil, two sizes:

1 ounce

2 ounce


This was made as a slow infusion using organic rose petals, organic chamomile flowers, and organic calendula petals in equal parts of golden jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil. It was infused for 5 weeks. It was then strained and then added Plant Therapy's Rose Absolute essential oil. 

The smell is very uplifting and can be used from head to toe.


Benefits of rose petals infused in oil: 

-Relaxes and cleanses

-Nourishes and regenerates

-Effectively increases skin tone

-Rejuvinates and moisterizes skin


Benefits of chamomile infused in oil:

-Anxiety relief, restful sleep

-Eases skin rashes and irritations

-Promotes sleep


Benefits of calendula infused oil:

-Soothing for dry skin

-Used as an anti-inflammatory

-Heals cuts and scrapes

-Nourishing for skin and hair


Benefits of jojoba oil: 

-Treats acne

-Reduces face wrinkles

-Cleanses clogged pores

-Moisturizes skin, hair and nails

-Heals burns


Benefits of sweet almond oil:

-Moisturizes skin and hair

-Heals scars and stretch marks

-Helps treat dark eye circles

-Acts as a gentle face cleanser


Benefits of grapeseed oil:

-Treats acne and pimples

-Skin tightening

-Prevents skin aging

-Helps regulate skin's natural oil production

-Contains vitamin c, which is a natural skin brightner.


Benefits of rose absolute essential oil:

-It fights depression

-It prevents infection

-It stimulates circulation

-Kills bacteria

-Acts as an aphrodisiac



All Over Rose Oil