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*Please read through the listing to see what comes with this bundle.*


Energy is always flowing inside and outside of our home. People come over and bring their own energy. We go to work/school/activities and bring home other energies. Some of these energies are positive and some of these energies are negative. It's a good idea to smudge, or cleanse, our home of these negative energies. 


What is smudging?



Smudging is burning herbs, most commonly sage, to get rid of negative energy on yourself, your home, or any space. Smudging can be useful when you're feeling depressed, angry, resentful, unwell, or after you have had an argument with someone or if you have felt a negative presence in your home. 


To smudge, light the sage stick. Extinguish the fire and let the smoke billow from the stick. Walk around your home letting the smoke get everywhere, in every room, in cupboards and small spaces. The smoke is not dangerous and will not harm you or your pets. Use a bowl to catch any ashes.


Palo Santo: 


Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) is a tree that grows on the coast of South America and Is related to frankincense, myrrh and copal. In Spanish, the name literally means "Holy Wood." It is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon. 


Once your palo santo smudge stick is lit, breathe deeply, stay connected, and guide the smoke toward the field surrounding your body, starting above your head. Continue swaying the smoke waves toward your body's energy, allowing the smoke to overtake every area of your surrounding field all the way down to your feet. Continue to smudge, or cleanse, your house along with your sage stick. 




Selenite clears negative energies and is powerful enough to reprogram other stones. It is a stone of mental clarity, expanding awareness and improving one's connection with the divine. Selenite can be placed on the third eye chakra to increase telepathic abilities. It promotes a peaceful environment by cleansing negativity in all forms. 


Choose one of these rough crystals with your kit. Crystals will be picked at random and size differs.


Amethyst, rough, from Brazil

Amethyst is extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. This crystal brings peace, provides spiritual insight, eases stress and provides spiritual insight. It assists and meditation and visualization. It acts as a shield and attracts positive energy and helps get rid of negative emotions, feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. Place on crown chakra, throad chakra, and third eye chakra to stimulate them. 


Citrine, rough, from Brazil

Citrine helps you envision and manifest your goals through sparking your imagination and strengthening your will. It reduces anxiety, fear and depression. It is known as the "light maker" as it gives off a bright energy. Citrine attacts abundance, prosperity and success. It attracts love and happiness and acts as a protective shield against negative energy. Place on the solar plexus chakra to stimulate it. 


Rose quartz, rough, from Madagascar

Rose quartz is the most used stone for love and relationships. It opens up the heart to unconditional love. It encourages forgiveness.  Rose quartz heals pains due to break ups, hate, jealousy and resentments. It builds self esteem and self love as well as calms and soothes the emotions. Place on the heart chakra to stimulate it. 


Tigers Eye, rough, from Brazil

Tigers eye is a stone of protection. It enhances confidence, willpower and integrity. It also brings good luck and prosperity. Tigers eye is a protective stone, especially during travel. 

Smudging Kit

Smudging Kits
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