Welcome to the W.E. Care Package: Winter Edition!


$80 Value!


Zotique Essentials teamed up with amazing makers once again to create an amazing wellness package!  You'll catch all the Fall feels with this one! Check out what’s inside:


1. Zotique Essentials: 4" Selenite Tower

2. Zotique Essentials: Candy Cane lip balm, made with essential oils and organic carrier oils.

3. Matthew James Heart Home: Lavender scented bath salts. Soothing and relaxing.

4. Kismet Jewelry: A clasp necklace featuring one moonstone and two rose quartz crystal. Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra and the stone of unconditional love.

5. Freeborn Apothecary: Rose Linen and room spray. It smells divine and every bottle has dried sage and rose petals.

6. Bridget's Letters: Triangle dream catcher, all unique and special in their own ways. Made with sticks, cotton, crystals- each dream cather is truly breathtaking and ONE of a kind.

7. Lather with Lovve: Blue sugar cookie scented snowflake soaps.

8. Sweet Treats: Adult hot chocolate stirrer. Warm up some milk and stir the hot chocolate into the milk, then add the Baileys shot (included)! Yum!

9. Bath Bomb Factory: White rose bath bomb made with essentials oils and dried rose petals.

Extra: Sample: Organic tea for a cold winter's night (or morning!).





By purchasing this package, you’re supporting 9 shops, including Zotique Essentials. We’re all doing a happy dance right now!

W.E. Care Wellness Package *Winter Edition*


    Zotique Essentials



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